wah wah ! best la the STGCC – super good expereicne

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hey all….
sorry to hear in a hurry. my fren was waiting for me for dinner.
well, today on the way back from KL. we had a little accident lo.
was very very lucky that no one was hurt.
the car was going at 120km/h then suddenly the back tyre torn.
car pun buang lo. from right lane spin to left lane then spin back to right lane again.
i dont know how or what la. dad control control spin here n there.
lucky no overturn or bang the side divider.
he managed to stop the car. no one was hurt and no scratch on the car.
GOD blessed my family today la, if not i wont be here typing this.
it was a very very scary 2 minutes of my life.

– a life changin Mogg post

I am going to the Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention !

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Hey all,

as you know, i recently quit my DELL job lo, taking up my toy business more seriously. next month 13 – 16 august, there is this big and kickass event in SG. the toys, games n comics convention. i will be there to see how is this type convention are like. i always wanted to go comicon / gamecon / blizcon and etc la. those are the killer huges ones in the USA. but sg also kira bolehla. target guests is about 70k ppl.

details of this convention : http://www.singaporetgcc.com/

very good advertising / marketing / exposure la. i will be following iming & chin yew. they will settle thier comics / toys stuff, me and my toys stuff. this is going to be an exciting experience la. will be best if i get to sell some toys there also 😛 all the best to me. in case you got buddies there who looking for rare transformers, ask them to email me. then i can COD with them there.

Also my Sg friends, care to makan n minum ? ahhahaah do let me know !

my robot blog : http://robotshaman.wordpress.com/

my ebay auctions : http://shop.ebay.com.my/merchant/toy.shack

just a few la. hopefully by this week i will get it all ready.

Ez Collection DX Devastator ROTF – only 2 units left ! grab em now !

you will not regret this buy or your money back !

a Mogg post.

I almost lost my eye lo …. GAIZ

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Lesson LEarnt : Never wear jewelery when playing sports !

This happended last wednesday night, during our weekly badminton session. it was about 10.30pm. all of us were darn tired and sweaty. i being the smart ass decided to take off my shirt to play la. less weigth ma :p mana tahu about 3 mins only, the cross on my necklace cucuk my right eye. i dont know how also la. but super duper hurts la. t

hrough out the night cannot sleep. cos everytime i blink i will feel pain. the feeling is like you washing an open wound with dettol. but in your eye there la. then the tears were non stop la. so sleep was bye bye on weds nights.

on thursday, being another smart ass again – did not go see the docs yet. bikin self doc and taruh eye drops. thursday nights was the same la. eye pain / crying n sleepless.

finally on friday i went to see the doc. A cute n lovely Dr Neoh from GH eye dept. scolded me la. why so late only come. i dont love my eye is it ? I pun yes mam yes mam la. memang my own fault ma, gatal. cari pasal. She pun give me many many meds and eye cream.

after the meds and eye cream – it was sooooo much better la. i can sleep again. thanks to her la.

so now after 1 week, my eye healed and is as good as old !

Lesson LEarnt : Never wear jewelery when playing sports !

welcome back to life !

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so in case you all dont know. my last day at DELL will be 30 april 2009. thats marks the end of my S.O.C career path. the one thing i will miss would be all the DELL girls. sigh.

i will follow the D.D.R vision of my plastic empire. with GOD’s will, all will be awesome.

So, by may 1st or 2nd i’ll be in KL for 1 or 2 weeks la. chilling and detoxing myself of the DELL and S.O.C culture.

so, anyone got any tips on what steps i should take or do, can comment a bit la.

for now, i am looking for a White board – who got ? :p


so i been working for 1 year now….

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its strange that i randomly got back to this post, when i was searching for my WORLDS 2001 FIRES decklist…

who would have thought..  rekindle the moments. we are now all 1yr older. much has been learnt. much has changed. we are changing as i type this now.


My 1cent worth about SOCs and DDRs.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Well as you all know, my name is Morgan. I am 26 this year and still staying with my dear grandmother in Pepper Estate, Penang. I am a very very big fan of the Transformers, ever since I could understand what they were. I also have like over 200 different type of toys. I cherish them very dearly. I also love to play WOW, Magic: The Gathering and whatever else I like to do, I do it.

Enough about me.. lets start with, WTF is this SOC / DDR nonsense I have put up today. As you may recall, about 3 months I go, I made a very serious post regarding how I would change my life for the better. So this post is the next real follow up.

Around me everyday, I see many friends of mine, going here, going there,some are blur as the water or some are sad. Sad about something or someone. Be it that girl who never calls back, or that dog who never fail to piss on my rims. or how I always get the crappy seat on the school bus. But the main/major/most/porpular cause of sadness amongst us the 80’s teen is WORK.

Yeah, I said it. After like months of data gathering on the people around me. The most popular reason is WORK. This boss doing this to me, that supervisor always busts my chops, the work is so much for so little pay, the off days are so messed up, oh that dept. head likes to kepo and many many more.

So, what do we do about it ? here comes who does what.

First we have the SOCers’, which is SUBMIT , OBEY and CONFORM. well these guys are the people who in the situation above.. They will just bear with it, deal with it, accept is as if its written in stone. As though nothing else can be done or as if its the only way. They just can bear feeling of doing something wrong, always wanting to be the good one.

Next we have the DDRers’, which stands for DEFY, DENY and REBEL. I mean these guys will fight tooth and nail just to sneak out of the house to get a beer, to smoke that1 puff of smokes or even just not putting up the toilet cover. They cant stand the idea of being someone else’s work dog. Cant bear the thought that why must this be done your way. They will challenge, dispute, disrupt and in some cases reinvent the laws of life. these people that see everything that happens be it good or bad as an opportunity to prove the world wrong. Take life by the horns as I heard somewhere.

So I do feel that life is more then just that 10A’s in SPM, that degree you have so u can get a good job and wait for the time to retire. Its about the little things, the wrongs the if’s and the occasional random playing in the heavy rain outside, the bruises from falling off your skates and the wet mud on your bum and my favourite; playing with transformers at 26.

so which are YOU ?


– I am Morgan , I am a switching

merdeka whirlwind bash ! on cooldown !

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Dear All,


It’s a Monday. We are all fresh at work. What better time to re-cap.

Got some ppl missed it, some ppl busy, then some other PPK.

So your lost.


The preparation started at 6pm, yeah. Sasi reached my place, we waited for pongs then we went to buy stuff form island plaza.

We bought most of our stuff there. Then no lamb wor >< gai lo. We we visited gurney to check la, mana tahu, none also.

Super Gai lo ! we finally got the lamb from FIMA.


With the mats all acquired, we began to prepare the food and the house. Nainan was over at my place already. I was in charge of the table/chairs and BBQ pit.

Nainan and Sasi were in charge of the food. Pongs was asleep. This is our cooking lesson #2 by our resident chef Sasi. Today’s special was Killer mash potatoes and Chicken arathi.

I think Nainan learnt everything very fast. I still don’t know wtf is happening la by this time. Cos my BBQ pit got no stand, I got no fire starter. I had to steal my neighbours desk.




15 pc of LAMB

15 pc of Chicken Arathi

12 Gourmet cheese sausages

12 lamb breakfast sausages

24 fish stick

Mash potatoes

Vege Salad

French Bread




1 JD

1 Absolute Vodka

1 Martini

1 Passport

1 Green Label

1 White wine

1 stout

The Pit fire started at 10pm. Kitchen was producing really great food, the Pongs was our BBQ pit master and also the bartender. Which He proc’ed a few times. And when Pongs proc, its not a good thing L


The high lights..

Really really good food J

Lotsa drinks

Great skits / dance (the gostan dance/ moonwalk shuffle / electic shock man)/ jokes / siaoness / frens / stunts


“””””  Well done  ””””””””


The low lights..

Many food didn’t finish, cos was too much.

Pongs fell down.

Bryan puked.

Was a little short on the alcohol


It ended up with many ppl high, and everyone was happy as happy can be. By 4am all balik sleep.

Pics / Vid will be collected by me, who wants pls ask me J


Hope you have an awesome merdeka too !