huge MTG EDH LOT for sale @ Penang

Hey guys,

just testing this out. too many cards to list down. so i will take photo of the rares. hopefully its clear enough to see.

rare is rm2.00, uncommon is rm 0.30,  good commons – varies.

this is from Binder #1..

RARE count :  122 : RM 244

UNCOMMON count : 330 (perish, warmth, chill, mirage fetchlands, pyrokenisis, scars of veteran, bounty of hunt, non basic lands & many more) : RM 110

GOOD COMMONS :  41 (16 x dark ritual, 3x high tide, 2x arcane denial, 3x accumulated knowledge, 3x counterspell, 2x brainstorm, 4x phyrexian walker, 1x priest of titania, 2x impulse, 3x diabloic eddict, 1x fireblast, 1x force spike) these are about usd 1 ea online, i will take charge rm 1.60 flat rate each. : RM 65

COMMON count :  180 : RM 10

Total for BINDER #1 : RM 244 + 110 + 65 + 10 : RM429.00

PRICE is Negotiable.



016 4916644


~ by Mogg on January 25, 2011.

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