I am going to the Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention !

Hey all,

as you know, i recently quit my DELL job lo, taking up my toy business more seriously. next month 13 – 16 august, there is this big and kickass event in SG. the toys, games n comics convention. i will be there to see how is this type convention are like. i always wanted to go comicon / gamecon / blizcon and etc la. those are the killer huges ones in the USA. but sg also kira bolehla. target guests is about 70k ppl.

details of this convention : http://www.singaporetgcc.com/

very good advertising / marketing / exposure la. i will be following iming & chin yew. they will settle thier comics / toys stuff, me and my toys stuff. this is going to be an exciting experience la. will be best if i get to sell some toys there also 😛 all the best to me. in case you got buddies there who looking for rare transformers, ask them to email me. then i can COD with them there.

Also my Sg friends, care to makan n minum ? ahhahaah do let me know !

my robot blog : http://robotshaman.wordpress.com/

my ebay auctions : http://shop.ebay.com.my/merchant/toy.shack

just a few la. hopefully by this week i will get it all ready.

Ez Collection DX Devastator ROTF – only 2 units left ! grab em now !

you will not regret this buy or your money back !

a Mogg post.


~ by Mogg on July 20, 2009.

One Response to “I am going to the Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention !”

  1. All the best
    sell more toy
    chai yuk ~~~~
    Ganbate ~~~~

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