really bad WOW withdrawal symptoms

didnt think it would get to me this fast…… its only been 1 weeks since my acct expired.

so i been asking everyone on what to do… when u wanna quit something ur addicted to.

GG la.


~ by Mogg on May 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “really bad WOW withdrawal symptoms”

  1. get out of the house!
    download movies! watch anime!
    play futsal!
    start a hobby 😛

  2. lol

    been doing all that la..

    but lately i got sick, so cant go out of the house.. thats when it the WOW attacked me.


  3. c’mon it’s not that big of a deal, just don’t start again, I honestly tried to play wow and it got boring after an hour or so… I can’t even get addicted let alone detox

  4. i gave up bc i promised myself i would quit it before eighth grade. i played warcraft 3 not WoW

  5. Been without WoW for 2 months now. I still read forums – especially class forums(mage), but haven’t fallen off the wagon yet. For me cold turkey is the only way to go, since when i play I must raid 4 times a week and progress (guild headed for algalon 25 now) and also do all relevant dailies and farm materials .. I can’t play casual. There’s the biggest problem with the game – if you wanna enjoy it’s best feature(imo) – challenging pve content – it requires at least 20-25 hours a week, and that’s if you only raid and farm a bit of mats. In fact it takes more hours of your week than a part time job! And once you start raiding seriously it actually feels like a job. Only a one that you pay for.

  6. Very nice vidps3atxvipx

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